Little Gifts of Joy

Each day is a gift. This inspirational collection will teach you how to unwrap the joy and abundance of life and live fully in each moment - no matter what.

Sandra Mansfiel Wright began writing Little Gifts of Joy for her grandchildren - to pass on her knowledge and reflections and to leave them a lasting legacy. But as she compiled quotes, poems, and stories from her life and the lives of others throughout history,  Wright decided that many people are in desperate need of a daily "gift" of joy and encouragement. The result is an easy-to-read compilation of motivational thoughts that will resonate with people of all ages and walks of life.

Realities of life may try to drag you down, but Wright encourages you to look at each day as a gift - and make the most of it.The chapter "Slow Down - You're Moving Too Fast" reminds you to find joy in the present moment and find peace in rest. "You Can't Be Everything to Everybody" is freeing in its suggestion that sometimes, you just need to give yourself a break. Each chapter in Wright's book is practical yet consistently hopeful.

The key to joy is directional: keep moving forward, and always look up. The God who gave you this gift of life will always be there to help you enjoy it to its fullest.

Life is short. Smile and be joyful. Today is your gift of joy. Unwrap it!

Whether it's your birthday, Christmas morning, or "just because", we love to receive gifts - to rip the shiny paper off the box or yank a pile of colored tissue paper out of the bag and enjoy the delight that comes with opening a present meant just for us.

Each chapter of Little Gifts of Joy is the author's gift to you. Open the book to any page, and you'll find a story, quote, or poem that will uplift and encourage you and teach you to choose to live each day with joy and enthusiasm - regardless of your circumstances. 

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