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After retiring from her career in real estate, Sandra Mansfield Wright became an  interior designer for the heart. She writes and speaks on the subject of joy and provides practical ways to bring joy into the lives of her readers and listeners. Sandra lives in West Tennessee. Her books are available on Amazon, Kindle, and select stores.  Follow her blog which she updates the first week of every month.


Sandra is an author and motivational speaker. Her book, Little Gifts of Joy, teaches ways to live in daily gratitude, trusting God. Through uplifting quotes and personal anecdotes, each chapter is the author's gift to you which will uplift, encourage and remind you to live each day with joy and enthusiasm.

 Her second book, 365 Daily Gifts of Joy, is a joyful devotional for every day of the year. Short, easy-to-read, three minute devotionals fill the reader with encouragement for the day ahead.

Her third book, The Posture of Hope,  teaches us how to replace fear with HOPE and reminds us of the power we have in the blessing of prayer. 

Her fourth book, Growing in Hope, is an interactive devotional giving the reader a "dose of hope"for the day. 

Contact Sandra for information on her speaking at your events, to set up reservations for a private Joy Luncheon  at her circa 1890's cottage home for groups 10 to 16, or for groups of up to 50 at an historic venue in Collierville, TN.


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Sandra Mansfield Wright